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How are fixed matches organized?

How are fixed matches organized?

This question has been discussed extensively online. Most likely, everyone has heard of cases with red envelopes, which serve as a sign of fixing a match. So, the process goes like this: a certain individual contacts an athlete and offers them to produce the desired outcome for a specific fee

Usually, the athlete receives the money before the game. If it's a team sport like football, the organizer contacts one of the players, who then spreads the offer among their teammates. Those who agree become participants in the fix.

In individual sports, it's simpler. It's enough to arrange with one player to organize a fixed match. That's why I keep track of the flow of money dynamics in tennis.

Of course, on the sports betting exchange, the odds are quite narrow, so currently, more fixes happen through bookmakers, mainly in Bet365 and CROWN.

The 'expenditure' is the price of organizing a fixed match, meaning the payment to the athlete for achieving the desired outcome. The higher the level of competition, the higher the expenditure.

This should be taken into account when analyzing suspicious markets. For example, the average expenditure in the Moscow LFK zone is about 2000-3000 euros, in the Ukrainian First League - up to 5000 euros, in the U19 and U21 championships - from 2000 to 5000 euros. Therefore, an acceptable volume of the fixed market in such segments starts from 15,000 euros.

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Another important tool for successful betting is sports predictions from neural networks. Neural networks process vast amounts of data and analyze them to predict sports event outcomes with high accuracy. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, such predictions can be free and have a high success rate.

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Leagues of fixed matches

Let's consider the main 'manual' championships and the most common scenarios/p>

LFK Championship in Moscow and the Moscow Region:

The first manual league, where fixes occur in almost every round for 2-3 matches. Mostly bets are placed on the over total. The season continues until the end of summer.

The second divisions of the Russian and Ukrainian championships:

These leagues are also known for their fixed matches. Low salaries and a high need for additional income make them particularly vulnerable. Fixes are most often made on totals in halves and in regular time. Seasons start at the end of July.

Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland)

Lately, there has been a sharp increase in fixed matches in these countries. The main fixes are made on totals, often using concealment through laying on the under total. Totals of 2.5 and 3.5 are most often played, sometimes in halves.

Friendlies matches:

Friendlies are also often subject to fixes. Pay attention to friendly matches between teams from the same country, such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia, Cyprus.

The Czech Republic Championship

From the first league to U-19, Czechs actively participate in organizing fixed matches. Fixes are made at all levels, especially worth paying attention to totals. The start of the season is coming soon

The second league of Vietnam

It's a real circus, where teams exist solely thanks to fixed matches. Mostly, bets are placed on the over total in the first half and the match

Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Trinidad, Argentina)

In these countries, organizing fixed matches is a common occurrence. Outcomes are fixed across a wide spectrum, and many bets are placed on the over total above 3

The Indonesian Championship

In this segment, fixes are also not uncommon. Despite low liquidity, fixes can be organized for amounts up to 20,000 euros.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about fixed matches

  • How are fixed matches organized in sports?

    Fixed matches are organized through contacts of certain individuals with athletes, offering them specific sums for participating in fixed outcomes. Usually, money is transferred to athletes before the start of the game, and in team sports, organizers contact one of the players who then spread the offer among the others.

  • What is the typical dynamics of match-fixing in sports?

    Fixes are most common in low-paying leagues and championships, where athletes have a high need for additional income. The main types of fixes include totals in halves and full time, as well as match outcomes

  • What is the role of money flows in detecting fixed matches?

    Analysis of money flows in sports betting plays a key role in detecting suspicious markets and fixed matches. Sudden changes in betting volumes and odds can indicate interference.

  • What are the characteristics of expenditure in fixed matches?

    The expenditure represents the amount paid to athletes for their participation in fixed matches. It depends on the level of competition: the higher the level, the higher the expenditure.

  • What measures are taken to combat fixed matches?

    To combat fixed matches, measures of control and monitoring are taken by sports organizations, bookmakers, and law enforcement agencies. It is also important to conduct educational programs and expand regulatory measures.