Betradar, Betgenius live loading scanner.

Monitoring of odds line for bet365, 1xbet, betfair exchange.

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Open statistics

Instant notification in Telegram

Completely free of charge

The 1xBet scanner scans the line 24/7.

1. Dropping odds in lower football leagues in live mode.



2. The scanner also detects and tracks blockings of blocks (totals, handicaps, etc.).



3. The scanner also detects changes such as when the bookmaker disables the ability to place a bet on a specific parameter, such as maximum bet (maxbet), and puts a lock on it.



Fine-tuning allows avoiding cluttering the channel with irrelevant messages and only sending notifications where there are truly anomalous changes indicating that an event is being loaded.

The bot is completely free and operates in the channel



1xBet Bot - your perfect assistant for match analysis and AI-based predictions. With the feature of scanning the bookmaker's live line, it identifies overlays in the line exceeding 30% and sends you these messages on Telegram.


By using our bot, you will receive exclusive predictions that will help you make more informed betting decisions.

The main functionality of our bot includes:


1. Scanning the bookmaker's live line: The bot has access to real-time data on odds and promotions offered by the bookmaker. It scans the line and identifies overlays, events with abnormally high odds changes.


2. Analysis of overlays: Our bot uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze overlays. It takes into account various factors such as team's previous results, player form, match statistics, and other data to determine potential profitable bets.


3. Telegram prediction updates: When the bot identifies overlays with more than a 30% odds change, it sends notifications to your Telegram channel or group. This keeps you updated with the latest changes and helps you make the right betting decisions.


4. Personalization settings: You can customize our bot according to your preferences. Choose your preferred sports, teams, or leagues to receive more focused predictions. You can also set the preferred threshold for odds change to receive notifications.


5. Unique content: We guarantee that every prediction provided by our bot will be unique and developed based on the latest data and analytical models.


Our bot provides all the necessary tools for successful sports betting. Using artificial intelligence, it identifies overlays and provides you with the most up-to-date information. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, our bot will help you increase your chances of success and make profitable bets.

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