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Today, some bettors try to make profits by using strategies based on falling odds. Let's explore a few of these strategies and review popular services that track falling odds. I'm curious, have you ever tried playing with this strategy? If yes, what were your results?



Falling odds in sports betting refer to odds that decrease after being presented by the bookmaker.

The reasons behind such a decrease are not always clear. It could be due to insider information, bookmaker errors, or mistakes made by the majority of players. Understanding the reasons behind falling odds is important if you want to profit from this strategy.


There are several factors that can cause falling odds:


- Insider information that professional bettors may have access to.
- Significant bets that bookmakers might mistakenly set.
- Influences from the majority of players who often make mistakes.


There are two main strategies for betting on falling odds: betting directly on events with falling odds or betting on the opposite outcome where the odds are rising.


When choosing a strategy, it is important to select the right events.

For example, if large sums of money are being placed on an unknown tennis tournament in the small-market, there is a high likelihood of a successful bet. Additionally, you can bet against falling odds, especially in the big-market, such as football.

There are numerous services available today that help track falling odds. We recommend using our scanners for maxbet, betfair, bet365, and 1xbet to monitor such movements.


It is important to remember that there is no 100% foolproof strategy for sports betting. Betting always involves risks, and even if the odds decrease significantly, it does not guarantee the success of the bet.

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